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Oil and herbal stamp massage

The Thai oil massage combines the techniques of traditional Thai massage with the soothing effects of aromatic herbal oils. A real feel-good experience that makes you forget the worries and break up the tension!

Paradise for those who want to massage her body to make a special gift:
A wonderful smell of oil and herbs led a virtuoso, hot stamp on your skin exactly.

A special form of massage Soothing. In this line, the balls are different, with more than twenty herbs and grasses are filled hook. This aromatic herb pouches are heated in a steam room and go back on 600 years of tradition. The trick with this hang up and massaging the muscles warm herbal new energy and connects with the warming herbs to a particularly deep sense of relaxation.


Yamo Thai Massage
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Monday to Saturday 10 clock - clock 20 is closed Sundays and Holidays

We only work with appointments, not massage without an appointment are possible!